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Ana Lima (Hub Quality Manager)

Since joining the company in November 2015 I have gained a huge amount of experience in managing teams of people and organising large high level projects. I started the scheme working with the international operations team in the International Gateway where I learned all about the different international services and the challenges this can bring for the operation. Following this I moved over to the Hub Plant department where I assisted with the overhaul of the KPI reporting processes and managed a team of operatives. In January 2017 I was promoted to Hub Quality Manager, in this role I am responsible for ensuring all hub processes are performed according to our standard operating procedures. I also manage high level projects such as the implementation of our new yard management software. It's been a challenging journey to reach this position and I couldn't have done it without the amazing support and development I have received from the DPD team.

Andre Partridge (Assistant Manager, International Operations Department)

Since the beginning of my journey with DPD, the experience I've had has been second to none. Working in every team in the International Operations Department has enabled me to find and develop my operational knowledge and my skill-set. The passion, work ethic and accountability from everyone I am in contact with is a true reflection of the DPD'S DNA. Working for a very fast paced company in a sector that is continuously growing means you have your work cut out, and no two days are the same. The company and the management team pride themselves on developing and retaining staff and this is evident from the opportunities that have been presented to myself and my peers. The nurturing and the support provided by the management team has been a keystone in my development. I have thoroughly enjoyed working for DPD over the last three years and I am looking forward to what the future holds.

Simran Thiara (International Operations Coordinator)

DPD invest a lot of time and effort into your development, growth and experience. The company are eager to develop themselves, therefore you are growing as a unit and not an individual.The International Operations Department are confident to let young minds shape the future for the company which makes me feel very valued. Age is just a number in this company and you do not get treated any different. I have been through quite a journey since I started working at DPD at the age of 18. Myself and those around me have seen a massive change in my confidence, professionalism and the perception I give to others. The opportunities that have shaped these qualities are something I am very thankful for.

Jay Lal (L&D Content Developer)

I started with DPD in September 2015 as a Telesales Apprentice at the age of 16, and at the time my responsibilities were administration tasks such as dealing with sales enquires and producing daily call statistics. Although I enjoyed my time in Telesales, I soon realised I wanted more of a challenge.

In October 2016, an apprenticeship position became available in Central Customer Services. The purpose of the apprenticeship was to support the development of training content for the department. I had a love for design at school and so decided to make a career of it.

Since starting work in CCS, I have been on a development plan which has given me the skillset to produce training content for CCS alongside general work based skills such as effective communication, how to run meetings and public speaking. My greatest achievements to date has been the production of our End of Year Review video shown at the annual CCS Christmas party and his involvement in this year’s DNA7 event. I am now responsible for our Apprentice programme and can pass on my own experience to help those joining the company.

My goal at the start of his apprenticeship was to become a full time employee at DPD. This goal became a reality in August 2017 when I was offered a full-time position in CCS as a L&D Content Developer by our very own Director of Customer Experience Sinead Croke.

Dan Stone (Shift Manager at Liverpool Depot)

I've enjoyed every minute of my first year with DPD. I love the challenging and fast paced environment, I have a superb team of drivers and its great to have a leadership position with this much responsibility so soon after leaving university.

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